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Notes On Color Part 2 – The Duds and the Studs.

Here you will find some comparisons of new vs old and some explanations for what is staying in the line and what is on the chopping block.


First up we have Cool Grey shown in the foreground.  This color has been popular with customers but also problematic.  Marked for deletion it has already been replaced with 2 new grey offerings from our new supplier shown in the background.  We are calling them Light Grey and Dark Grey.



Another color marked for deletion is Navy Blue.  Navy Blue has been popular but also one of the most problematic colors for us to print.  It suffers from color and opacity issues that we have found to be un acceptable.  We have rejected entire spools of this color for those reasons alone.  Also not a top performer for heat deflection so it has to go. Navy Blue is shown here in the foreground with our standard Blue and a new color from our new supplier we are calling Dark Blue.  Navy Blue will be available while supplies last.  Expect it to be completely phased out by end of August.



Our old Yellow shown in the foreground.  It was very bright but always in a way that made it look cheap somehow when next to other colors.  Replaced effective immediately with Yellow from our new supplier shown in the background.  No need to change the name.  We never sold very much of the Old Yellow because it was such a Lemon.



Tan and Olive Drab shown in the foreground.  I suspect most customers who purchased Tan were wishing they could get something more like our new Khaki shown in the background.  The new color we will be calling Olive is pound for pound a little lighter than Olive Drab but should be more consistent so a better performer over all. Olive Drab has been a popular color but it suffers from consistency issues for us internally similar to Navy Blue.  You can even see it changing color and opacity in the photo.  Almost impossible for us to get 2 parts that match from the same spool.  Let alone 2 parts from spools of the same dye lot.  Some dark, some light, some almost transparent, etc.  Both of these duds replaced with colors from our new supplier.  Moss, Olive, Khaki, and Brown.  So we drop 2 earth tones and give you 4 in their place.  Tan and Olive Drab will be available while supplies last.  Expect them to be completely phased out by end of August.



Last up is the Studs.  Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Purple.  Relatively popular and trouble free.  We will continue to offer these from our original supplier.

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Notes On Color Part 1 – New vs. Old Suppliers

How do I write about the trials and tribulations of quality control, customer satisfaction and warranty service without making things sound like the sky is about to fall.  Well.  The truth is I don’t believe you always can.  I’m going to try and do it anyway.  When reading the notes below I would like you to keep one thing in mind.  Our across the board warranty service claims account for less than .5% of all items we have ever printed and shipped.  Thats 1 part in every 200.  Or 5 parts in every 1000.  We have parts in the field that are approaching 3 years old.  My own personal samples are approaching 4 years old.  The sky is not falling.  But we can always do better.

We make it a point of pride to offer our products printed in the highest quality USA made materials we can get.  Until recently that has meant sourcing all the colors we had on offer from a single supplier.  Printing in PLA comes with a few important considerations for the end user to keep in mind.  In general PLA offers many advantages over other materials from a 3d printing and environmental standpoint, but it has always been known to be susceptible to issues of excessive heat, humidity, and flexibility.  In the early days of PLA’s rise, getting good color options was also a problem.

The plastic we are sourcing from our new supplier boasts some claims of slightly higher heat deflection and flexibility.  We have had very few of these type of issues come through our warranty service, but it is always something we (and everyone else printing in PLA) would like to improve on.  To that end we started testing their product as soon as we could get our hands on it.  Only time will tell if there is any noticeable difference between the 2 suppliers when it comes to performance, but these new options should go a long way toward eliminating this concern in the future.  Better does not necessarily mean immune, however we do expect to see less issues going forward with more of this material in the mix.  To be clear.  The concern is for those of us here at NarrowBase.  We offer a very good warranty, work hard on customer service and do everything in our power to let the work speak for itself.

So what does this mean?  We are about to make some important back of house changes to the choices we have on offer that will ensure we can continue to provide consistent quality and durability.  We will be adding some new colors to the line from our new supplier.  We will also be directly replacing some colors from the line with ones from the new supplier.  While at the same time we are going to drop some duds.  Finally some of the more popular and trouble free colors from the original supplier will be staying in the line up.

There will be no price difference between colors from either supplier.  Both are still high quality USA made.  We will offer the same warranty across all colors.  Bottom line.  Continue to buy what you like.  Let us know if you have any questions.

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If you are familiar with our other Mag Holders then you know what to expect.  Works with the snap in Belt Loops and Mounting Bars.  Offsets are based on the same pattern as the standard Mag Holders so they can be mixed in on a MOLLE Chest Rig or Belt setup.

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Some New Stuff On The Way.

But first a little house keeping.

  1. We have added a new supplier for plastic.  This addition brings some nice new material into the mix for us that has slightly better properties than our original supplier.  We will be keeping some colors from the original line up, replacing a few colors with new ones from the new supplier, adding some new colors, and dropping a few duds.  To start the transition over to the new color line we will carry a mix of 21 colors starting now and lasting through the summer.  More on the 2016 Color Line in another post.
  2. We designed a Rival Stick Mag Holder last year.  Holds 2 Stick Mags.  Kept this one in house for a while tweaking and testing.  It’s time to let it go.  Left, Center, and Right offsets available.  Works with Snap In Belt Loops or Bars.  Pre-Release available by request now.  Will show up in the store for general availability soon.
  3. Side Pull Mag Holders.  Another design we had done, but had not released.  We started getting requests for them so they are going into production.  Right or Left Hand Pull versions available.  Single Mag only.  Works with Snap In Belt Loops or Bars.  Pre-Release available by request now.  Will show up in the store for general availability soon.
  4. New Holsters.  We are expanding the line.  More on this as they are ready.
  5. We have moved into a New Studio and Manufacturing Space.  More space for development.  More space for printers!  More space for packing and shipping.  So stop reading this post and buy something!

Expect to see the color updates and new items start to trickle in over the next few weeks.

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Here is an example of a rig I built for myself.  Consists of an RRV, Padded MOLLE Belt, and a Hydration BackPack.

I am using 3 Double NMAG’s (1 Left, 1 Center, 1 Right), 1 Single NMAG, and a FireStrike holster on the Chest Rig.  Mounted with Large BARS.  Medium BARS could also be used which would allow the NMAG’s to be mounted 1 row lower.

The Battle Belt uses the ButterFly style Single NMAG’s (1 Left and 1 Right).  Any of the offsets or center style will work here.  I liked the symmetry of this set up because it makes the edge of the furthest magazine line up with the edge of my HammerShot Holster on the other side.  I am using the Small BARS on the belt.

The BackPack can hold a ton of extra magazines, spare batteries, another blaster, lunch, etc.

This rig has changed many times over the course of development, but it has managed to stay this way for a while now.  It works well for both 12’s and 18’s allowing me to carry 9 magazines plus one in the blaster for a total of 10.  So between 120 and 180 rounds.