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Here is an example of a rig I built for myself.  Consists of an RRV, Padded MOLLE Belt, and a Hydration BackPack.

I am using 3 Double NMAG’s (1 Left, 1 Center, 1 Right), 1 Single NMAG, and a FireStrike holster on the Chest Rig.  Mounted with Large BARS.  Medium BARS could also be used which would allow the NMAG’s to be mounted 1 row lower.

The Battle Belt uses the ButterFly style Single NMAG’s (1 Left and 1 Right).  Any of the offsets or center style will work here.  I liked the symmetry of this set up because it makes the edge of the furthest magazine line up with the edge of my HammerShot Holster on the other side.  I am using the Small BARS on the belt.

The BackPack can hold a ton of extra magazines, spare batteries, another blaster, lunch, etc.

This rig has changed many times over the course of development, but it has managed to stay this way for a while now.  It works well for both 12’s and 18’s allowing me to carry 9 magazines plus one in the blaster for a total of 10.  So between 120 and 180 rounds.